Coffee Innovation

iQFlow™ is a technology developed by Franke that revolutionizes the traditional espresso extraction concept.

It extracts more flavour under constant pressure throughout the entire extraction time than previous systems. It enables you to design your individual taste profile. Each pre-set taste profile is ensured in real time.

iQFlow™ opens up the space to create an entirely new coffee experience.

Unfold more flavour out of your beans

An intelligent extraction process ensures a uniform pressure distribution on all the coffee grounds during the entire extraction time – getting more flavour out of your beans.

iQFlow™ opens up a new dimension in taste profiling by offering more variety in the creation of personalized aroma profile design – with the same coffee beans and the same degree of grind.

With iQFlow™, you can enjoy fixed shot times and absolutely consistent coffee quality in real time for every cup, every day, at every location. iQFlow™ monitors and adjusts the extraction flow during the brewing process, in real time.


After a machine goes through a period of inactivity without dispensing coffee, components can cool off. Consequently, the first coffee product that is dispensed afterwards slightly decreases in temperature. This condition is more noticeable in espresso. The First Shot reduces the temperature drop to a minimum by pre-heating the brew unit.

The First Shot option can be individually activated for every coffee product though it is most beneficial for short drinks like espresso and ristretto.

Telemetry: Franke Digital Services

Raise coffee quality. Improve profits. Enhance experience. Connect your fleet with Franke Digital Services and take control of your coffee business.


You want to sell superior coffee and Franke Digital Services will help you secure in-cup quality and provide consistently great coffee.



With Franke Digital Services you get the real-time commercial and operational insights you need to drive your coffee business. You will be able to monitor peak trading times to gain a clear insight to sales patterns.



By connecting your coffee machines to our cloud, you benefit from improved uptime, better service, and faster problem solving.



There’s nothing artificial about our intelligence with our perfect blend of technology and human touch. We are invested in your success and satisfaction for the long term.

Your complete Package

Sit back and take advantage of Franke’s digital innovation. We offer an end-to-end solution that includes not only the dashboards to monitor and manage your fleet but also connectivity, internet data, API and cloud storage in a one-stop service.



Get a clear view of your coffee machine fleet with key information on commercial and operational performance in areas such as drink sales, coffee program promotions, health status, cleaning discipline, and stock levels.


Steer your coffee machine fleet remotely and operate faster and more cost-effectively. With two-way telemetry you will have the ability to change drink recipes and run promotions without the need for site visits. Convenient software and configuration updates can also be deployed remotely.


Use the moment of your customer’s undivided attention for a message: Promote a new product or a weekly special in your store. Provide information about changing opening hours, your efforts around sustainability or – in an office concept – important employee information. Cleaning process and times can be monitored on a daily basis.


Franke Touchless Ordering

With Franke’s new Touchless Ordering Solution, contactless self-service is child’s play: The display of the fully automatic machine comes directly to the cell phone – for fast, completely contactless, thus hygienic ordering of beverages. Franke Touchless Ordering is compatible with any mobile operating system, without the need to download or install an app.