The world is hot for hot beverages, and everyone  has their own personal favourite. Whether that’s a  simple espresso or a cappuccino, an Americano or a latte macchiato: the professional capsule machine from Franke satisfies every taste. It also conjures up  fine teas, from classic Earl Grey to Chai latte. With the K-fee® PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM, the possibilities are unlimited. You can safely and conveniently serve any kind of drink. The compact machine takes up less space than conventional coffee machines, and handle a steady stream of cups with the same high quality.

The  FoamMasterTM creates the right foam consistency for a range of drinks. The milk is foamed fresh every  time – quickly and gently. Push a button and out comes a classic coffee, trendy latte specialties or foamed milk drinks to suit every taste. Even the cleaning happens at the touch of a button. The FoamMasterTM has a fully automated cleaning system.

  • Hoseless docking system
  • Lockable refrigerator
  • Optional permanent water connection
  • 4 litre water tank or mains water available